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3 STYLE HACKS FOR SUMMER 2018, instagram @edaonay, instagram @alyssainthecity

Eğer Türk okurumsanız not:

Bu yazıyı sadece İngilizce olarak yazdım çünkü kanalım için bu konuda bir video çektim, izlemek için buraya tıklayın. Ama eğer “Sıkıntı yok benim için, yine de okumak istiyorum” derseniz iyi okumalar dilerim. Yine ama diyorum eğer videomdan sonra geldiyseniz seçtiğim parçaları görmek istiyorsanız sizin durmanız gerek o yüzden daha fazla lafa tutmayayım.

I always like talking about trends but this time it’s not just about trends, it’s about preferring the funkier and trendier one and leveling up your outfits, making them better and fresher for this summer.

“You’ve got to pimp my ride-” sorry, “my outfit”. Ahh… these old school MTV days…


Julie Pelipas by Phil Oh via, instagram @deborabrosa, instagram @edaonay,

Can you hear “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends” in your ears? Because I can, thanks to tank tops and halter tops, we’ll be this generation’s Sporty Spice(s). Prefer them instead of regular sleeveless tops this summer, whether they have symmetrical or asymmetrical cuts, they have to give out the athletic vibes. Note: They look perfect with paper bag pants and with shirts if it’s not too hot out there.


instagram @alwaysjudging, Vanessa Hong by Soren Jepsen via, instagram @patriciamanfield, instagram @_jeanettemadsen_

I already wrote a post about shell jewelleries and gave the trend alert (click here to see the post) which gives you lots of options and inspiration pictures. They are literally perfect for the summer season and I think you can get whatever you want BUT the funkier way of doing this trend is to use them on your ankles. Like I said you can find other options but here are the bracelet/anklet options I could find.



Pernille Teisbaek by Soren Japsen via, Christopher Esber Fall ’18 Ready-to-Wear via Vogue Runway, instagram @katarinapetrovic

My big thanks go to Net-A-Porter for inspiring me to write this post and this ‘Barely There Sandals’ title. Also thanks to Céline and The Row, strappy (the thinner the better) sandals (with or without heels) are a big thing now and like the title means, the more you show your feet the more you are doing this hack better.

I don’t know why but sometimes the slides I make give error so here are the links that I couldn’t add into their pictures:

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