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Bir süredir Mango’nun Committed serisinden olan bu geri dönüştürülmüş yünden yapılmış elbiseyi istiyordum. Hazır indirime de girmişken yılbaşı hediyesi bahanesiyle aldım sonunda bu harika elbiseyi. Doğaya katkısı olduğu yetmiyormuş gibi rengi ve modeli de harika. Siz de almak isterseniz linki aşağıda.

I’ve been wanting this dress that is made out of recycled wool from Mango’s Committed series for a while. I finally got this perfect dress while it’s on sale and with the excuse of new year gift. It’s good for nature and to crown it all its color and model is perfect as well. If you want to buy it link is down below.

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